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business card label

business card label
  • Model: LB-06


Supply various kinds of Labels, labers for the following:
1. Packaging: Mark label, post package, document package, transport tag, letter address label,
2. Appliances: Labels for internal of mobile and various types of appliances, laptop label, electric products label
3. Items: Price label, product instruction label, shelves label, barcode label, medicine label,
4. Management: Library label, vehicle seized label, security label, property label,
5. Office: Paper documents label, file saving label, label for various types of items and stationeries,
6. Production: Raw materials tag, processed products tag, end-product label, stock management label,
7. Chemicals: Varnishing material tag, label for oil product packaging and various special solvent,
8. Jewelry: Labels for jewelry tag, removable product tag,
9. Garment: Garment tag, woven label
10. Airport: Abroad plate, lugguage label
11. Ticket: Railway ticket, long-distance car ticket
12. Others: Anti-fake label, encryption label, anti-thelf label, park ticket and highway ticket, etc. Supply customers' with first-class quality, competitive price and short production period

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